Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've never done this before so I am open to ideas and criticism. I'd like to do a blog about movies, music, video games, tv, fashion, art, or whatever piques mine or your fancy at the time. I saw 3 different movies this past weekend. Saturday I saw The Hangover and thought it was hilarious! Maybe the funniest movie in a long long time. Sunday I saw Up and I thought it was great. It starts out a little slow and sad and kids might lose interest at first, but as soon as the talking dogs come on they should regain interest. Monday I saw Land of the Lost. The waiter (Cinema Suites) warned us that the movie was horrible just in case we wanted to change tickets before it started, but I think everyone's being a little harsh. It wasn't great, in fact it was pretty stupid, but it had it's moments of chuckles. I like Will Ferrell, and this is definately one of his least good movies by far, but it's ok... I've seen a lot worse. Strange Wilderness for example. Anyway, moving on... I'm a big Mike Patton fan. Pretty much anything he's on I think is awesome, but the last couple things I've heard him on, particularly Lost Weekend by The Qemists... I can't get enough of this song! Soulympics by Zu kicks ass too, really reminds me of Mr. Bungle... Let's see... what else? I watched a couple episodes of True Blood last night on InDemand. What do you guys think of that? I think it's pretty cheesey, but it has potential I guess, maybe I'm just REALLY bored with vampires. I did just read Bottomfeeder by Bob Fingerman... It's about a vampire, but it seriously kicks ass. Like if Chuck Palahniuk wrote a vampire book. I'm not kidding! I'm a huge fan of Chuck. I'm reading Pygmy right now. I had a lttle trouble with the dialect at first, but it's grown on me. It's great, but not his best. I've read all of his books (I think) and I would rate them in order from best to least best, cause they're all great: Invisible Monsters, Rant, Haunted, Lullaby, Survivor, Fight Club, Snuff, Diary, and Stranger Than Fiction... I haven't read Fugitives and Refugees yet. If you're a fan, tell me what you think... whatever. That's all I got for now... Am I doing this right? Help!

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